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Steripods are the perfect cover for toothbrushes. They are easily used by my kids and they like being able to use these to identify their toothbrush. I like the added protection.  -Cindy B. (Amazon User)


Such a simple idea and works well. I haven't found a toothbrush these don't fit, unlike traditional toothbrush travel cases. I give them as stocking stuffers every Christmas.  -Alison W. (Amazon User)


My husband and I use this for our electric toothbrush heads on an everyday basis. It is also great for taking on a trip. Compact. The colors help define whose is whose.  -Sympathetic Ear (Amazon User)


This little gadget is wonderful; great for storing the toothbrush in the bathroom as well as travel. I feel germy if I don't have one on my toothbrush!  -Ann H.  (Amazon User)


The Steripod Clip does the job. I feel my toothbrush is protected and so am I. Great product and I will order again.  -Pixie69 (Amazon User)


I love these. It keeps your toothbrush fresh like Listerine. Ive ordered them twice.  -Joy O. (Amazon User)


These are fantastic! I have used them for a long while....they are worth the money for sure! I recommend them!  -Leanne K. (Amazon User)


I wouldn't use anything else to cover my toothbrush. I change them out every 3 months.  -Justamom (Amazon User)


I use these for all my toothbrushes; and change my toothbrush and the Steripod every season, or after an illness. Inexpensive and works well.  -L. Bass (Amazon User)





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